Scientific seminar "Emerging Topics on Smart Grids and Wireless Communications". - AUCE

Scientific seminar “Emerging Topics on Smart Grids and Wireless Communications”.

The Faculty of Arts&Science at #Auce Badaro main campus has organized a
At the beginning of the seminar, AUCE has honoured Prof. Ali Mansour, Ensta-Bretagne, France.
Three speakers from Lebanon and aboard presented three talks:
Dr. Hussein Al Haj Hassan, from Faculty of Engineering, Lebanese University presented a talk on “The Cellular Networks Operations in Smart Grid”.
Second speech was presented by Dr. Moussa Kafal, Ph.D. from CEA Paris, France. Dr. Kafal spoke on “The Effective Tactics to Reliably Anatomize and Troubleshoot Complex Networks of Smart Grids”.
At the end Prof. Ali Mansour from Ensta-Bretagne, France presented recent achievements in Wireless Communications and their perspectives.



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