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The American University of Culture & education (AUCE) thrives to improve and enrich people’s lives through education that dramatically engages our students and research that capitalizes on the power of collaboration. Realization of this mission is through:

  • Scholarship and creative endeavor that draws on all forms of inquiry.
  • Learning that is active, creative and continuous.
  • Promotion of an inclusive culture of global citizenship.

We aim to be recognized nationally & internationally as an institution that imagines and influences the future. Toward that end we will:

  • Support advancement of thriving disciplines as well as new areas of interdisciplinary excellence.
  • Provide students with the knowledge, skills and experiences necessary to become leaders in a world characterized by rapid change and increasing interdependence.
  • Nurture a community of exceptional scholars who are cooperative and collegial, functioning in an atmosphere distinguished by support, mentoring and inclusion.
  • Pursue distinctive opportunities to build on our special features, including our relationships with world-class corporates, cultural, educational, and scientific institutions in University Circle and across Lebanon.

Excellence in Selecting University Staff

  • Recognition and reward of the University’s staff as its greatest asset
  • The encouragement of career development for all staff

Enhancing The University’s relationship with society

  • The widest possible student access to the University
  • The contribution that the University can make to society through the pursuit, dissemination, and application of knowledge
  • The place of the University within the broader academic and local community
  • Opportunities for innovative partnerships with business, charitable foundations, and healthcare
  • Concern for sustainability and the relationship with the environment

Academic Excellence and Impact

  • Eminence in teaching and research
  • Scholarship that changes lives and deepens understanding
  • Creativity and innovation as hallmarks of our efforts

Inclusiveness and Diversity

  • Civility and the free exchange of ideas
  • Civic and  national engagement
  • Appreciation for the distinct perspectives and talents of each individual

Integrity and Transparency

  • Academic freedom and responsibility
  • Ethical behavior
  • Shared governance

AUCE founded in 1983 by Dr. Amjad Al- Nabulsi, May God Bless his soul, as a Computer and Educational College of Hotel Management & Technical Studies (C & E College) Beirut- Makassed Center, the American University of Culture and Education AUCE is currently an institution accredited and recognized by the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education, under the presidential decree #2292, dated June 17 , 2009. Preparations for AUCE began in 1995 when Dr. Naboulsi gathered a group of academics who shared his vision. Their joint vision became a reality on August 7, 2000 when the C&E American University Institute obtained its license from the government under Presidential Decree #3585/2000 to offer graduate and undergraduate programs. AUCE degree programs are accredited and certified by the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Lebanon, and by the Ministry of Education & Scientific Research in Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Qatar, and most of the Arab Countries.

While the AUCE starts its fifteenth academic march since its foundation in 2000 A.D., thanks to the efforts and hard work of its late founder Dr. Amjad Al-Nabulsi, and the graduation of the twelfth batch of students, it tries its utmost within the framework of one team to support our students and understand their problems and viewpoints in order for it to progress in accordance with a foundational  plan. All the workers of this infant university that comprises academics and administrators represent one homogeneous and coherent team, a team that is characterized by cooperation; all these workers struggle to achieve success, prosperity and a good ranking for AUCE, and to raise its standards  up to the level of excellent workmanship, innovation, originality, creativity and quality assurance. This dedication to standards and professionalism, along with work perfection, transparency, equality among all, encouragement, creativity and protection of the rights of all workers in accordance with the current legislations, laws, regulations, and instructions should be a landmark in the history of the university.

The university will work hard to support the teaching staff in respect of qualifications and academic experience, and will facilitate for them all means of gaining knowledge. To achieve that, the university will communicate with various sources of knowledge so that its teaching staff will be able to carry out their teaching mission and research tasks in view of the available capabilities. Moreover, the university will open new majors in order to cope with the local and regional job market requirements.

The university will spare no effort to find programs that would serve society and promote it. It will also build relationships with different sectors within the country and outside it. In addition, it will sign agreements and partnership with these sectors  and continue to build relationships with the foreign institutions and universities, and conduct programs with some of them upon the approval of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education which will ultimately contribute to the development and prosperity of the university.

The university will work hard to improve the quality of the outcomes of the academic operation for the purpose of finding qualified graduates, who are creative and able to join the marketplace well-armed with knowledge and information.

The university will continue to show an interest in higher studies and scientific research as well as in establishing departments for planning, development, studies, investments, auditing, and quality assurance.

Moreover, we will try our utmost to turn the university into a scientific edifice; a place which both students and societies will feel proud of through availing themselves of, the possibility of developing research and training and building bridges of communication with the society as well as with the private and public academic institutions.

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Dr. Abdel Salam Amin Nabulsi


Dr. Hani Haidoura

Vice President For Administrative And Financial Affairs

Dr. Abbass Nasser

Dean of Faculty of Arts and Science

Dr. Rania Karam

Vice President For Academic Affairs, Dean of Faculty of Business

Dr. Adel Koudaih

Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts

Dr. Nour Charara

Coordinator of Quality Assurance

Mrs. Hanan Saleh

Head of English Department

Mr. Jamal Alwan

Financial Director

Mr. Malek Salam

Director of Registrar

Dr. Assad Kassem

Representative of Academic Affairs

Dr. Lina Nachabe

Branches Representative

Haniy- Hodroj
Ms. Haniya Hodroj

Representative of Students

Mr. Walid Chehade

Representative of Civil Society

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