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WE are launching our Alumni Club!
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AUCE is offering its alumni many benefits.

1. Establishing a Career Office and sending job vacancies by emails for alumni
2. Offering ID cards in which alumni will have the ability to enter the university campus and benefit from its facilities such as libraries, playgrounds, and sports halls.
3. Informing all alumni about all the activities and events taking place at the university. Alumni are encouraged to participate in social, and cultural activities, webinars and seminars
4. Celebrating an honoring day for alumni.
5. Providing internship and training for graduate students.
6. Organizing social events for alumni and encouraging them to participate in various university events.
7. Benefiting from alumni experiences through organizing lectures delivered by prominent and notable alumni.
8. Alumni, upon presentation of their Alumni ID, are entitled to a special discount on enrolling their children

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and benefit from special financial aid program