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Strategic Management

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Course Description:


Strategic Management is intended to be a challenging and integrative capstone course for the undergraduate business school curriculum. The course stresses the theme that a company achieves competitive advantage and experiences higher performance if its managers have a timely strategic game plan and implement it proficiently. While learning how to manage strategy, you will also be required to integrate the body of knowledge that you have assimilated in the business curriculum. The purpose of this integration is to enable you to develop a 'macro' or big picture perspective.

Most of the business courses that you have taken so far have focused on a specific functional area, e.g. HRM, marketing, finance, etc., and/or have discussed a specific body of knowledge, e.g. economics, statistics, etc. This course is different from your previous courses. The issues dealt with by a manager during the process of strategy formulation and implementations are multifunctional and involve a dynamic array of variables. As a result, you will need to take a total enterprise perspective in assessing the pros and cons of a company's strategy.


Course Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able:


  • Integrate functional area knowledge into a general managerial perspective.
  • Think strategically about a company and how it can develop sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Develop your skills in conducting strategic audit in a variety of industries and in a competitive global market environment.
  • Improve your ability to manage the organization process by which strategies are formed and executed.

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