Restaurant and Food Service Management - AUCE

Restaurant and Food Service Management

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Course Description:


Turning your restaurant dreams into real success is an exciting challenge that requires a wide array of skills and a vast body of knowledge. This course The Restaurant: From Concept to Operation covers everything aspiring restaurateurs need to know to conceive, open, and run any type of restaurant. From concept to menus to staffing to legal and tax matters, this one-stop guide is packed with indispensable information to guide you to success in this highly competitive and rewarding industry.

Identifies the crucial elements involved in the successful operation of a restaurant and how they interrelate. Students are taken through the process of creating a concept, developing a menu, budgeting and controlling costs, staffing the restaurant, purchasing food and equipment, bar and beverage management, daily operations and developing a marketing plan.

This program focuses on the essential knowledge of food service and catering. Teachers from the industry provide all the keys to success to enter into the labor market. The program also offers an internship, participation in several events plus practical experience including: service in le Fuchsia restaurant dining room. Students have the opportunity to interact with professionals during visits, conferences and events. Graduates of this program can pursue university studies.


Learning Outcomes:


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able:

  1. Explain the relationship between concept and market, and recognize the reasons why restaurants may fail
  2. Identify factors to consider when choosing a location
  3. Identify the major elements of a business plan
  4. Discus  the importance of the 4 Ps of the marketing mix
  5. Identify requirements for obtaining a loan in order to start a restaurant
  6. Identify factors to consider when planning a menu, list and describe some common menu types
  7. Describe methods for determining menu item pricing, design and layout
  8. Identify factors to consider when planning a kitchen's layout, and purchasing kitchen equipment
  9. Describe characteristics of effective servers and greeters
  10. List guidelines for handling customer complaints
  11. Identify factors to consider when developing the design and layout of a bar
  12. List guidelines for suggesting wines to accompany menu items
  13. List and describe the main types of software programs, and identify factors to consider when choosing technology for a restaurant
  14. Describe the front of the house and back of the house operations
  15. Identify ways to control food and beverage and labor costs, and guest check control
  16. Describe the process for creating job and task analyses
  17. Describe the components of a job description, and list the guidelines for creating on.

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