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Professional Selling & Sales Management

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Course Description:


Sales management focuses on the activities of first line field sales managers. Students must know how salespeople perform their jobs, and how salespeople interact with customers and prospects. Today's business environment demands broader knowledge and skills than ever before from sales managers. Since most of the students start their career as salespeople, they need to understand the role of the sales manager to better function in their jobs and to prepare themselves for their first promotion opportunity.

The objective of this course is to have you develop skills and abilities that allow you to manage your sales territories as your own business, and provide you with a set of unique tool that you will develop to enable you to build successful sales and management careers.

Effective management of sales people is critical to business success because many goods and services demand personal contacts to close the sale. However, the cost of calls is growing rapidly and sales managers must know how to handle these resources effectively. Sales calls are a key weapon in the marketing game, and managers of the future will need experiences in this area if they expect to move up the executive career ladder.


Course Learning Outcomes:


Upon successful completion of this course, students will:

  • Be prepared for the real world of sales, sales management and for the social, legal, and ethical aspects of the modern technologically sophisticated global selling environment.
  • Be introduced to various aspects of selling and management of a sales force, including the social, legal and political ramifications of their behavior.
  • Be informed of what is expected upon entering the working world and how to move up within the ranks.
  • Have a limited set of experiences directly related to selling and a fairly good knowledge of the commonalties shared by all selling functions.
  • Be able to develop sales forecasts, manage a territory, and know the fundamentals of making sound hiring decisions.

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