Planning & Control for F & B Operations - AUCE

Planning & Control for F & B Operations

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Course Description:

How to control expenses and manage a foodservice operation of any size. Organized around the operating cycle of control, it serves as a how-to manual with a constant focus on bottom-line profit and budgetary goals. Throughout the book, an integrative restaurant case is used as a springboard for discussion and practice. An accompanying exercises and in-depth coverage show how to maximize revenues, control expenses and optimize one’s financial objectives. This course provides a comprehensive look at the methods, tools and techniques to control food, beverage and labor costs in restaurants and clubs.

The operations and management principles and procedures involved in an effective food and beverage control system are conveyed fully in this module. It provides an in-depth insight into the operating budget, menu management, menu pricing, purchasing and supplier selection, cost-volume profit analysis, labour cost-control, computer applications and the successful management of service quality standardisation.



Learning Outcomes:


At the completion of this course, students should be able to:


  • Prepares students for the competitive nature of the industry by providing a roadmap for common cost control practices.
  • Provides a model of the cost control steps used in any foodservice organization, addressing the prime costs of food, beverage & labor.
  • Examines topics such as standardized recipes, recipe costing, purchasing topics, food cost percent and income statements and analysis in more depth than other books.
  • How to analyse and apply the controls needed to manage a successful food and beverages operation
  • National and international food and beverage management developments
  • The key factors involved in food and beverage preparation including health and hygiene issues - Legislation regarding the preparation, storage and sale of food and beverages
  • The importance of budget standards in planning and control, and apply costs volume-profit analysis to food and beverage operations
  • The principles and procedures in controlling the purchasing and receiving process and recognize the particular requirement for quality in all stages
  • The importance of the menu as both a control tool and a marketing tool - The use of computer applications which manage and control the food and the beverage.

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