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Operations Management

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Course Hours:


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BMIS310, UCSI202



Course Description:

This course provides students with concepts, techniques and tools to design, analyze, and improve core operational capabilities, and apply them to a broad range of application domains and industries. It emphasizes the effect of uncertainty in decision-making, as well as the interplay between high-level financial objectives and operational capabilities. Topics covered include production control, risk pooling, quality management, process design, and revenue management. Also included are case studies, guest lectures, and simulation games which demonstrate central concepts

It introduces students to problems and analysis related to the design, planning, control, and improvement of manufacturing and service operations. Class sessions involve explaining concepts, working examples, and discussing cases. A wide range of topics are covered, including: process analysis, quality management, supply chain design, procurement, and product development. Toward the end of the course, students work in teams to manage a virtual factory in a web-based simulation exercise.


Course Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able:


  • understand the basic role of the operations function in business organizations and its interdependence with other key functions;
  • understand how operations strategy is used to support the business strategy and to obtain a sustainable competitive advantage;
  • understand the key decisions and trade-offs involved in effectively managing manufacturing and service operations;
  • apply basic technical and analytical skills to identify, formulate, and solve operations management problems

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