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Marketing Principles

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Course Description:


Marketing is much more than just an isolated business function. It is a philosophy that guides the entire organization toward sensing, serving, and satisfying consumer needs. And this course is a foundation course in marketing. Therefore, it is the gate to the diverse and essential components in the marketing field. Students will learn about managing customer relationships, products, services, product life-cycle, branding, and pricing. Moreover, they will understand the marketing environment and the marketing channels. In addition, they will also be informing of changes that faces our world today because of the digital age revolution and e-marketing. Furthermore, advertising, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling and direct marketing will be covered through different chapters.  As well, the course will discuss creating competitive advantages. Finally, the students will learn about the importance of social responsibility and marketing ethics.


Course Learning Outcomes:


  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the underlying philosophy of the marketing concept and its strategic importance.
  2. To demonstrate an understanding of the key marketing concepts and how they are applied within the business
  3. To analyze marketing situations, offer marketing solutions and be able to justify and support their recommendations with marketing theory and examples from industry.
  4. Respond to manage real life marketing problems.
  5. Conceptualize broadly the marketing process and how the various elements of the marketing mix, specific marketing tools and related theory fit together to make up the total “picture”.

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