Marketing Policies and Strategies - AUCE

Marketing Policies and Strategies

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Course Description:


The 21st century highlights the critical role of superior customer value in achieving high levels of organizational performance. Delivering value requires understanding markets and deciding how to match organization's distinctive capabilities with promising value opportunities. One of the more challenging executive imperatives is forming a perspective vision about how markets will change in the future.

Students should be able then to analyze the current and the future of the changing markets, by focusing on customer values, competition. Also should know the importance and use of the cross-functional teams, building relationships with suppliers, value chain members, and competitors.

Students will complete the course with a comprehensive knowledge of and experience with how to develop an integrated digital marketing strategy, from formulation to implementation. This is an integrative course that allows you to apply marketing theories and concepts to “real world” situations. The broad goal of the course is to develop your analytical skills with respect to developing market strategies for firms.



Course Learning Outcomes:


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able:

  • To determine the roles and responsibilities of a marketers in the field.
  • To determine if the marketing field is the professional area for you.
  • To determine if the marketing major is for you.
  • To see what it takes to be marketer and to evaluate if you have what it takes.
  • To evaluate and contrast perspectives on market strategy.
  • To analyze a firm’s current situation through applying internal and external analyses.
  • To bild a market strategy through integrating concepts like product life cycle, adoption, segmentation, branding, pricing, distribution, and market communication.
  • To explain alternative ways to measure the outcome of market strategies.

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