Labor Relations Regulations - AUCE

Labor Relations Regulations

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Course Description:

This course will focus on the statutory, judicial, and administrative law, governing the individual Employment Law and the collective organization of workers and the interaction between such collective organizations and employers. The course will introduce students to the basics of traditional Labor Law and will explore how Labor Law is evolving both to innovate forms of labor management relations and to changes in the composition of the Lebanese labor force.

The class will consider the legal status of privately negotiated processes for organizing and recognizing unions, state, and local approaches to Labor Law innovation, and new forms of workplace organization. This course will explore the intersection of Labor and Immigration Law, union participation in the political process, emerging forms of worker organization, and security of tenure. The course will study the regulations of Social Security in Lebanon and abroad.



Course Learning Outcomes:

  1. To introduce students to the concept of statistical problem solving applied to business, and how statistics can assist managers in making decisions.


  1. To provide students with an understanding of:
    1. The basic concepts of descriptive statistics.
    2. An overview of probabilistic statistics.
    3. How statistical tools can be exploited in managing uncertainty


  1. To develop the students practical skills in developing business statistical approach.

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