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IT Project Management

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Aims of Course:

  • This course provides an intensive coverage of project management in a wide range of project applications from concepts to operations. It focuses on managing projects within an organizational context including the processes related to initiating, planning, executing, controlling, reporting, and closing a project.
  • The course introduces project integration, scope, time, and cost, quality control, and risk management. Other areas covered in the course are: managing  changes in organizations resulting from the introduction or revision of information systems, identifying project champions, working with user teams, training, documentation, and the change management role of the information systems professional.

Learning Experiences:

The course is offered in 40 hour of lectures with individual exercises, a project, and problem solving sessions.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • To help students understand processes, tools, techniques, and areas of knowledge needed to successfully manage information technology (IT) projects.
  • To be exposed to the new project management process such as in IT fields.
  • To understand how a project manager conducts a project from beginning to closure.
  • To gain good knowledge on  team, Human Resource (HR) management, and  technical development components in IT
  • To learn how to use project platform software in project management
  • To be able to build and supervise projects.

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