Introduction to Visual Basic Programming - AUCE

Introduction to Visual Basic Programming

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Course Code:


Course Hours:


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BMIS310, UCSI202



Description of the Course:

This course is an introduction to computer programming with an emphasis on business applications. Students are introduced to transaction processing systems and management support systems. The course covers principles of program design, programming structures, data structures, program testing, and debugging. Emphasis is placed on the implementation of programs with graphical user interfaces and event-driven code. Students will write a number of programs using Visual Basic to develop business applications.

It aims to teach students how to design and create programs in the context of useful, read world applications using visual programming. The text teaches programming from a task‐driven rather than a command driven approach. By working through the chapters, students learn how to use VB.NET applications found in the workplace.


Learning Experience:

The module will engage the student in the following types of learning experiences:

The teaching and learning methods include:

  1. Lecture sessions (1.5 Hrs) that provide a concise explanation of the key concepts theories. The lectures will consist of PowerPoint summary slides allied to elaboration and structured discussion where appropriate
  2. The lectures will be supplemented by seminar (1.5 Hrs) whereby students will subdivide into smaller group will work on assignments and  case  studies to develop their critical thinking as well as the seminar will provide guidance in the preparation and structuring of their coursework. Individual private study will guide and provide the students in their lectures and seminars. This should be reinforced by the students’ personal learning styles

Learning Outcomes:

  • To learn software development fundamentals in the context of useful, real world applications
  • To quickly master the essential tools and programming techniques offered in the visual programming techniques
  • To Reveal the visual programming development environment and programming tools
  • Understand and use computer terms from the textbook, lecture, and readings.
  • Implement application design specifications with a visual object-oriented, event-driven programming language.
  • Learn visual programming language concepts applied to a business environment including: form design, common form tool controls, input-process-output model, arithmetic operations and assignment statements, predefined object methods & functions, decision structures, looping structures, list controls, array and table processing, sub procedures and user-defined functions, and database programming.

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