Introduction to Information Technology - AUCE

Introduction to Information Technology

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Course Hours:


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Aims of Course:

This course presents an introductory survey of computer science. It explores the breadth of the subject while including enough depth to convey an honest appreciation for topics in machine architecture, software, data organization and abstraction, and artificial intelligence.

This course provides a breadth first coverage where students would acquire a holistic understanding of computing and an appreciation for technology’s impact on society. Topics include binary values and number systems; data representation; gates and circuits; computing components; problem solving and algorithm design; low-level and high-level programming languages; abstract data types and algorithms; operating systems; file systems and directories; information systems; artificial intelligence; simulation and other applications; computer networks; the world wide web; and limitations of computing.

Learning Experiences:

The course is offered in 40 hours of lectures with individual exercises, project work and problem solving.

Course Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able:

  • To acquire a holistic understanding of computing and an appreciation for technology’s impact on society
  • To understand binary values and number systems
  • To recognize gates/circuits; computing components
  • To gain knowledge of low-level and high-level programming languages in addition to abstract data types, algorithm, operating systems, artificial intelligence
  • To get basic knowledge on computer networks and internet.


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