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International Marketing and Advertising

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Course Description:

This course will equip students with the tools and terminology to explore and understand marketing and advertising practices in a global environment. Putting yourself as an international marketing and advertising manager, you will learn the scope and challenge of international marketing, the dynamic environment of international trade, the culture, political, legal, and business systems of global markets, the global market opportunities and finally, the ways to develop global marketing strategies.

Students will also learn to develop a formal analytic framework of decision-making based on recent developments in the field of International Marketing and advertising through the group project and case studies. This course is designed to provide students with the latest understanding of global issues, disciplines, competitions and the necessary skills in making strategic decisions based on a global perspective.



Course Learning Outcomes:


1- Understand the different management orientation in global markets.
2- Understand the different forces affecting globalization.
3- Learn the importance of social and cultural variations and their impact on global marketing decisions.
4- Refresh their knowledge concerning segmentation, targeting and positioning principles.
5- Understand the different Market Entry Strategies, such as: Licensing, Investment, and Strategic Alliances.
6- Learn about the different pricing considerations and strategies.
7- Acquire and understanding about product decisions in global markets.
8- Learn about different communication approaches.
9- Understand competitive advantages.

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