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International HRM

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Course Hours:


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Course Description:


International HRM provides an introduction to the critical issues facing organizations in simultaneously managing their human resources at home and abroad. This is particularly true of multinational enterprises (MNEs) and transnational corporations (TCs) intricately involved in a global environment. We begin the course with an exploration of global leadership and teamwork, in order to help us cope with the unexpected.  Then we will become familiar with two International HRM frameworks, noting their advantages and limitations. Because the impact of culture is substantial when working with staff from different countries, we will also dedicate time to an understanding of culture in theoretical and practical terms.

We will subsequently turn our attention to a general exploration of the nation state and the economic integration realities that impact policies and activities of corporations worldwide.  Then, following a principally functional approach, we will review specific cases of planning, staffing, appraising, training and development, and compensation practices in various countries.


Course Learning Outcomes:


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able:


  1. Acquire Information to make logical and informed decisions impacting the workplace.
  2. Use evidence to evaluate hypotheses, theories and approaches to workplace issues.
  3. Employ current technologies to access information, to conduct research, and to communicate findings
  4. Analyze and synthesize information and ideas from multiple sources to generate new insights
  5. Assess and critique relevant evidence and research findings
  6. Access high-quality historical, qualitative, and quantitative evidence or research
  7. Use evidence-based analysis to appraise the validity of various hypotheses, theories, and approaches to workplace issues
  8. Understanding Context - Evaluate the context of workplace issues, public policies, and management decisions
  9. Analyze the degree to which forms of human difference shape a person’s experience of, and perspectives on work
  10. Analyze a contemporary global issue in their field from a multi-disciplinary perspective
  11. Analyze issues related to business strategies, organizational structures, and work systems
  12. Analyze issues of social justice related to work across local and global contexts
  13. Analyze issues related to the selection, motivation, and development of talent in a global context (HRM)
  14. Professional Development – Demonstrate an ability to interact with and influence others in a professional manner, and to effectively present ideas and recommendations
  15. Develop effective presentation skills appropriate for different settings and audiences
  16. Develop career management skills to navigate one’s career
  17. Understand cultural differences and how to work in a multicultural environment
  18. Work productively in teams, in social networks, and on an individual basis
  19. Develop cultural agility competencies
  20. Demonstrate lifelong personal & professional development skills

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