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International Business and Entrepreneurship

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BBUS200 Business Essentials



Description of the course:
First hand business experience acquired in an international setting. Analysis of business problems, ideas, and opportunities, techniques, and strategies in an international context; emphasizing changes in competition and market structure abroad. Students will work in teams with foreign students to solve a problem for an overseas company. The course is aimed to think and act global and local due to two major challenges: pressure for global integration and pressure for local responsiveness (projects, workshop project defense).
This course will broaden the general education through an international cultural experience (visits to internationally famous metropolitan areas, museums, and other cultural institutions, interaction with local individuals, one-on-one work and entertain with students from another culture). This course will empower student to study the methodology and conduct research in the international business environment to understand the global, international and national markets in order to prepare a country/region/company report.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of the course requirements, the students will be able to:
- Conduct investigation of international business opportunities.
- Analyze business ideas for international firms.
- Prepare a research report on country/region risk in global, international and national markets.
- Present and defend a project/plan for an overseas company in an overseas environment.
- Work effectively in teams.
- Lead/manage complex activities in an international setting.
- Debate and defend a project in front of an international audience.
- Determine what constitutes a valid entrepreneurial opportunity.
- Perform production or application activities in an international environment.
- Effectively carry out managerial functions in a multicultural environment

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