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Insurance and Risk Management

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Course Code:

BFIN 370

Course Hours:


Contact Hours / Week:






Course Description:


A study of risk and the risk management process begins the course. Types of applications of risk management include commercial risk, personal risk, and public risk. Each kind of insurance product is described fully and analyzed within the current marketplace. A study of the insurance industry’s role in the economy, the financial markets, and the overall business community also is covered. The course provides in-depth analysis of the processing, investing, and evaluation of risk management.

Insurance is the primary mechanism by which risk is managed within society. Insurance companies serve financial markets by supplying funds to a variety of financial and non-financial corporations as well as government agencies. Some insurance operations are independent companies, while others are units or subsidiaries of financial conglomerates. This course describes: the different types of life insurance policies, describe the main uses of insurance company funds, explain the exposure of insurance companies to various forms of risk, identify the factors that affect the value of insurance companies and explain how to assess the performance of insurance companies.


Course Learning Outcomes:


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able:


  1. Comprehend basic concepts of risk and uncertainty as they relate to the insurance field.
  2. Understand the legal, regulatory, and market environment of the insurance industry.
  3. Recognize and critical planning elements related to Social Security, Medicare, and other governmental benefit programs.
  4. Comprehend characteristics of the following types of insurance: life, medical, disability income, long-term care, property and liability, homeowners, and automobile. Identify appropriate insurance coverage for specific personal situations

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