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Energy Economics

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Course Hours:


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BECO325, BFIN330



Description of the Course:

The economics of producing and consuming energy: pricing, role in economic growth; energy sources and markets; the role of government; regulation and other energy policy issues. This course covers the economic analysis of the demand and supply of energy. Topics include, economics of energy demand, energy poverty, economics of energy supply, fiscal policy regarding energy resources, energy and the macroeconomic, electricity markets, and climate change policy. Energy economics is an advanced field of study that spans multiple branches of economics. Moreover, because energy markets change from year to year, the field of energy economics correspondingly changes over time. Consequently, unlike other disciplines in economics, the field is not well defined and there is no textbook covering all, or even most, of the topics. This course is therefore a collection of topics in energy economics reflecting the most important contemporary issues.


Learning Outcomes:

After completion of this course, students should:
- Understand and interpret the research literature on energy economic issues
- Be able to theoretically and empirically describe the demand and supply of energy, and how these interact in a market.
- Be able to analyze the effects of energy and environmental policies on the supply and demand of different types of energy
- Have a good understanding of the need for government policies in various energy markets, and to analyze the possibilities and limitations of various policy measures.
- Have the ability to report and present the result of its own analyzes, both in writing and orally in a seminar


Learning Experience:


  • Class demonstration and advanced exploration into a wide variety of accounting techniques.
  • PowerPoint presentations and exercises demonstrating real cases.
  • Complete mock exams in class with verifying the answers.
  • Take notes on additional information examples and methods and shortcuts.

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