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Decision and Intelligence Systems

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Course Hours:


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Description of the Course:

The demand for building and managing BI systems in today's very competitive and challenging economy is high. This course guides students through the complete life cycle of building and managing BI and analytics systems. Students are introduced step by step to the various phases and complexities in building and supporting successful BI and analytics systems. Topics covered include best practices in BI requirement gathering; BI project management; data warehousing; ETL (extract, transform, and load); data mining, predictive analytics, online analytical processing, BI application development, BI implementation, and production support.

The objective of this course is to provide the student with the materials that help him in building a whole information system taking into consideration all the department in the 4 level of the organization level, and who we should transform the data retrieved into valuable and meaningful information so that we can build and take a decision at any level of the organization as well as how we could control and monitor the results to increase the performance of the organization.

Learning Experience:

The module will engage the student in the following types of learning experiences:

The teaching and learning methods include:

  1. Lecture sessions (1.5 Hrs) that provide a concise explanation of the key concepts theories. The lectures will consist of PowerPoint summary slides allied to elaboration and structured discussion where appropriate
  2. The lectures will be supplemented by seminar (1.5 Hrs) whereby students will subdivide into smaller group will work on assignments and  case  studies to develop their critical thinking as well as the seminar will provide guidance in the preparation and structuring of their coursework. Individual private study will guide and provide the students in their lectures and seminars. This should be reinforced by the students’ personal learning styles

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how computer-based information systems can support managerial decision making & problem solving in the contemporary business world.
  • Recognize the latest technologies, collectively termed management support system, tools & models which are available to assist in managerial decision making.
  • Appreciate existing business intelligence and decision support systems principles and practices.
  • Acquire a working environment of how business intelligence & decision support systems are constructed and how such systems are integrated into the corporate environment.

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