Culinary Arts in Hospitality Industry - AUCE

Culinary Arts in Hospitality Industry

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Course Hours:


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Course Description:

This course involves both theory and actual hands on lab and work experience. It  includes an industry-driven curriculum to teach, test and award industry-recognized certificates to students meeting high standards in foodservice and restaurant education.

Students will develop the culinary knowledge and practical skills needed to be career-ready for entry-level culinary-prep positions including sanitation and safety, nutrition, human relations skills, use of large and small equipment, purchasing, receiving, inventory and storage, and varied food preparation. Basic concepts of kitchen organization and operation, basic terminology, use of standardized recipes, weights and measures, product evaluation, recipe conversion, food composition and introduction to commercial equipment and work methods.


Learning Outcomes:


Upon successful completion of this course students will demonstrate:

  • Proper knowledge, skills, theory, practice of food production and basic culinary techniques for the food service industry. Students will demonstrate proper and safe use of knives.
  • Students will perform knife cuts and cutting techniques with a minimum of 75% accuracy.
  • students will define what the five mother sauces are, mirepoix, roux, slurry, and liaison. Prepare and finish sauces such as cream/white, brown, butter and tomato.
  • Prepare two basic warm emulsion sauces.
  • Students will demonstrate dry and moist cooking method through daily cooking exercises. Students will demonstrate how to make chicken, beef and fish stock.

Students be able to apply fundamental culinary concepts and demonstrate to use kitchen equipment and tools such as ovens, stoves, mixers as well as all types of knives, pots, pans, etc. Students will learn French terminology through recipes and cooking techniques

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