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Consumer Behavior

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Course Description:


Consumer behavior is the study of how people consume including products, services, places, events, or even ideas. This includes all parts of the consumption cycle from acquisition to usage and final disposal. Drawing upon principles from various disciplines (such as economics, psychology, sociology, and anthropology) the study of consumer behavior investigates why people behave the way they do and explores its implications for marketing.

This course is a prerequisite for the success of the firms in the marketplace and individuals in the work place. It provides insight into product, pricing, retail, advertising, and communication strategies. Consumer behavior focuses on how and why consumers make specific decisions, and behave in certain ways – what motivates them, what captures their attention, and what retains their loyalty? The aims of this course is to help students know how consumer analysis affects business strategies, details of consumer decision making, individual determinants of consumer behavior, environmental influences on consumer behavior, influencing consumer behavior.


Course Learning Outcomes:


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able:


  1. To acquire a framework for analyzing consumer behavior problems.
  2. To learn how consumer behavior can be affected by different marketing strategies.
  3. To show how behavioral evidence can be used to evaluate alternative marketing strategies.
  4. To develop a deeper understanding of consumer behavior by learning about relevant psychological and sociological theories.
  5. To acquire experience in applying these theories to real-world consumer behavior problems.

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