Computer Organization and Architecture - AUCE

Computer Organization and Architecture

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Course Code:


Course Hours:


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SCSI220, SCCM360



Aims of Course:

This course provides an overview of the architecture and organization of a computer, such as the CPU, memory, I/O organization, peripherals and so on. From this course, students will learn the basics of computer architecture and low level programming. e.g. assembly code and hardware manipulation. It will focus on the basic concepts of computer architecture and machine instructions; memory access and storage; instruction execution; computer organization; data representation and transfer; digital arithmetic; memory storage and addressing methods; procedures and interrupts; conditional processing, and so on.


Learning Experiences:

This course is offered in 40 hours lecture with case studies, individual exercises, project works, class discussion, critical analysis, problem solving, and individual private study.


Course Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able:

  • Introduce Computer Evolution & Performance
  • Understand Top Level View of Computer Function & Interconnection
  • Differentiate between cache memory, internal and external memory
  • Illustrate the importance of input and output modules, functions and techniques
  • Understand the computer arithmetic
  • To examine the instruction sets: characteristics and functions, addressing modes and formats
  • Understand the CPU structure and functions
  • Proficiency in assembly language programming, particularly for the Intel 80x86 processor family. Ability to
  • analyze, design, implement, debug, and test assembly language programs.

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