Commercial, Islamic and E-Banking Operations - AUCE

Commercial, Islamic and E-Banking Operations

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Course Description:

This course is mainly divided into two main parts; the first one defines Banking System, money and factors determining the amount and types of money in economy, the role that bank plays in determination of money supply, how money is controlled, the role of central bank and the operations with other banks. The course will focus on financial instruments and interest-rate determination; the structure and operations of banks and financial institutions; the operations, tools, and policies of central banks; and money and inflation.

Topics of study include industry structure, administrative organization, management of assets, liabilities, capital, and financial analysis of the banking firm. It describes the functions of commercial and thrift banking institutions as well as other financial service providers such as investment banking firms, security brokers and dealers, insurance companies and other non-depository organizations.

The second part of the course will be dedicated for Islamic finance as one of the fastest growing and most innovative financial disciplines in the international financial market. It offers a clear and understandable examination of this dynamic area of finance. It will help participants to fully understand the fundamental principles underlying modern Islamic finance, as well as modern practices prevailing in this industry.


Course Learning Outcomes:


Upon successful completion of this course, students will:

  • Understand primary participants in the money and the financial markets,
  • Know about the operations and the goals of these participants,
  • Deal with various types of financial instruments and how they differ,
  • Grasp the role of interest rates in the economy,
  • Attempt to differentiate the elements between the Islamic financial system and its conventional counterparts.
  • Provide an introduction to the basic concepts of Islamic banking and finance applied locally and globally.
  • Simplify and explain the theories and concepts of the Islamic financial instruments used in the industry.

Expose the participants on how Islamic finance concepts are used in everyday life.

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