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Business Telecommunications

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Description of the Course:

The convergence of business and communications technologies is becoming more widespread, especially with increasing digitization and changes to global market place. Given dynamics of today’s business environments, rapid technological changes, the course of business telecommunications has now become an essential part of academic curriculum at any university.

The objective of the course is to provide a basic understanding of the technical and management aspects of business data communications and networking. Specific learning objectives include an understanding of the telecommunications industry, social/managerial issues in telecommunications, and contemporary organizational uses of telecommunications technologies. Moreover, it will provide students with knowledge regarding networking fundamentals including network architecture, network operating systems, transmission media, and network protocols. As an area of study, it has its own jargon and language that requires continuous practice to internalize.

Learning Outcomes

    This Course is designed to provide students with:

  • Limited technological background.
  • The basic knowledge and understanding of telecommunication technologies to deal effectively with vendors and “techies” who may attempt to overwhelm them with strange vocabulary.
  • The course would make the students familiar with significant vocabulary, technical understanding of information system from businesses perspective.
  • Introduce data communications and networking concepts, standards and technologies, their impact on organizational process, to current and future managers.

It will provide students with a broad understanding and will enable students to become fluent in the language of networking commonly used in business world and become better decision maker..

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