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Business Math

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Course Description:

People in business, economics and the social sciences are increasingly aware of the need to be able to handle a range of mathematical tools. The aim purpose of this course is to provide the Business major students a solid mathematical background that helps them understand better the basic business and economical concepts and applications

The core topics of this course can be summarized into: a review of introductory algebra and equations, the study of linear, quadratic, exponential, and logarithmic functions and their graphs, and the mathematics of finance. Additional topics as time permits: matrices and systems of equations, linear programming, and probability. Throughout the course, examples are taken from business applications, especially the study of supply and demand, and revenue/cost/profit analysis. Graphing calculators are used to facilitate understanding, ease calculations, and expand the number of problems tractable by course methods.



Course Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able:

  • To learn the theory and applications of the mathematical concepts in Business
  • To understand Linear, curvilinear, logarithmic and exponential models with their applications in Demand, Supply, Market Equilibrium, Break Even Analysis and Growth
  • To be able to work with Derivatives and Integrals with their applications
  • To work with Matrices with applications to solve systems of economic equations

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