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Business Finance

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Course Description:

The objective of the course is to introduce concepts and techniques of finance. This course builds the foundation for all subsequent finance courses and provides basic tools every business student needs for success in their career. Regardless of your chosen future specialization, this course will help you make personal financial decisions such as investing into the stock market or buying a house.

It allows students to learn how to acquire and then to help operate resources so as to maximize the value of a firm. Financial investments, planning and forecasting are actually considered as major activities in maximizing the shareholders wealth. It introduces personal financial concepts, including goal setting, budgeting, major purchase decision making, credit, risk, investments and retirement.   It trains students to solve personal financial problems and make good decisions.


Course Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able:

1) Understand what financial management is about.
2) Understand the place of finance in a firm's organization.
3)  Prepare financial statements and know how to interpret them.
4) Apply knowledge of working capital to effectively manage a business for a given situation.
5) Analyze financial statements and show how they are used by managers to improve     performance and by stockholders to forecast earnings, dividends and stock prices.
6) Compare a firm's performance with that of other firms in the same industry.
7) Understand the markets where capital is raised, securities are traded, and stock prices are established.
8) Understand the relationship between risk and return and measure risk in different ways.
9) Show how the timing of cash flows affect asset values and rate of return.
10) Recognize the types of bonds companies and government agencies issue.
11) Calculate the price of a bond and its rate of return.
12) Recognize the types of stocks companies' issue.
13) Calculate the price of a stock and its rate of return

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