Advertising Promotional Management - AUCE

Advertising Promotional Management

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Course Description:


Marketers coordinate all their communications efforts so they can send cohesive and effective messages to their customers. Many advertising agencies have acquired, started, or become affiliated with sales promotion, direct marketing, and public relations companies to better serve their clients marketing communications and promotional needs.

The role of promotion in an organization's communication processes from a theoretical and managerial perspective. Advertising, personal selling and sales promotion are analyzed from the view of both the organization and its consumer groups. This course approaches promotion from an integrated marketing communication perspective that integrates theory with planning, management, and strategy.

To effectively plan, implement and evaluate the promotional program, this course presents a balance of theoretical and practical perspectives and integrates the two.  This course provides students an opportunity to gain an understanding of advertising and other mass communications marketing practices: common business activities and terminology, perspectives applied when taking the optimal approach to decisions, plus descriptions and rationales of common practices, especially since the most common practices are often far from what would be optimal.




Course Learning Outcomes:


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able:

  1. To examine the promotional function and the growing importance of advertising

and the other promotional elements.

  1. To introduce the concept of integrated marketing communications and examine

how the varies marketing and promotional elements must be coordinated to communicate effectively.

  1. To understand how sales promotion is coordinated with advertising.
  2. To analyze the importance and value of setting specific objectives for advertising

and promotion.

  1. To discuss reasons for measuring advertising effectiveness.

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