Advertising Campaigns and Strategies - AUCE

Advertising Campaigns and Strategies

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Course Description:

Advertising is defined as any paid form of non-personal communication about an organization, product, service or idea. Many major companies use an advertising agency to assist them in developing, preparing, and executing their promotional programs. The advertising campaign and strategies consists of multiples messages in a variety of media that center in a single them or idea. This course is designed to build on and enhance the skills students have acquired in the previous advertising-related courses.

By developing actual advertising campaigns and strategies from scratch, students will experience how all the functional areas of advertising (research, media, creative, and account management) work together in the process of creating an advertising plan. Students will design creative works (e.g., preparing storyboard for TV commercials, writing scripts, and rough layout for print ads and the Internet), decide media placement, and decide and implement IMC components for clients to solve any problems identified from their primary and secondary market research. They will also be learning more about marketing principles and about some of the other forms of marketing communication that are widely used by organizations today.


Course Learning Outcomes:

The purpose of this course is to provide students with hands-on opportunity to develop an advertising campaign plan for a client. The learning objectives of the course are:


  • To further develop the skills used in creating advertising and, marketing communications focusing on: research, strategies, copy and design, media selection, sales promotion and public relations.
  • To allow students to apply the terminology, techniques and procedures used in the business of marketing communications and advertising.
  • To provide students with an actual advertising problem, and to guide them through the development of a campaign plan.

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