Quality Management System Webinar - AUCE

Quality Management System Webinar

As the name became very popular and we almost hear about it on a day to day basis, I was pleased to give a webinar entitled: Quality Management System, where we discussed the importance of quality systems to organizations, students, and to job seekers.

We discussed the steps involved in obtaining a quality system, specifically the International Standards Organization, ISO-9000, and the process involved in documenting such a system.

We also spoke about some of the advantages of implementing quality system for businesses as these types of systems ensure best quality, prices, and delivery to consumers, as well as opening the horizon for college graduates to find jobs in the field of quality.

At the end of the webinar, we explained how organizations may be able to get their ISO certificate and how to maintain it, and opened the floor for questions where we had a very good feedback from the attendees.


Dr. Carlo Haoui


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