"Developing Online Teaching-Learning Processes of English Language" - AUCE

“Developing Online Teaching-Learning Processes of English Language”

Within the Webinars series launched by AUCE, the English Department, faculty of Arts and Sciences, organized a Webinar under the topic: “Developing Online Teaching-Learning Processes of English Language”.
Mrs. Hanan Saleh, Head of the English Department at Badaro campus and Webinar moderator, gave a warm welcome word and introduced the Webinar speakers.
Dr. Sami Hamdoun, Head of the English Department at Nabatieh and Tyre campuses, opened the Webinar first episode by presenting a briefing about AUCE and its programs.
Dr. Jessica Early, from Arizona State University proceeded by conducting the Webinar second episode, highlighting the importance of engaging students in remote learning environments through integrating social-emotional motivation in writing skills.
Dr. Hanan Taweel, associate professor at LU and instructor at AUCE, ended up with the third episode by spotlighting the teaching strategies to enhance the online learning process of English language.
The Webinar was remarkably interactive and hosted an enormous number of participants from different backgrounds across Lebanon.


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