Academic-Scientific Conference - AUCE

Academic-Scientific Conference

The American University of Culture and Education (AUCE) organized the Academic-Scientific Conference under the topic:     ” The Role of Information Technology in the Development of Businesses under Covid-19 Pandemic”. The effectiveness of the Conference and speakers engagements occured on Thursday, December 17, 2020, with enormous participation and remarkable attendees across the world ( USA, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Jordan, France and others).

Dr. Hani Haidoura, AUCE VVPA, opened the session which was administered by Dr. Rania Karam, Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration at AUCE. Dr. Rania Sadek (USA) launched the first intervention about her personal teaching experience under Covid-19. Next, a detailed presentation was displayed by Prof. Oleksodr Levchenko (Ukraine) tackling the most conspicuous outcomes pertaining to higher education under the current crisis. Dr. Hasan Obeid.(France) followed, pointing out the feasible usages of artificial intelligence and the achieved dividends of nowadays utilized technology. Finally, Dr. Saher El-Annan elaborated on the problems of remote learning and their feasible solutions. Two hundred participants attended the conference.

It is worth noting that this conference is the first milestone in a series of meetings and conferences AUCE intends to launch about the socio- economic and educational adverse impacts of Covid-19.


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